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raghuram rajan: Should central government be called anti-national too? Raghuram Rajan takes a dig at RSS-affiliated magazine

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Former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan openly questioned if the central government must be deemed anti-national for its seemingly poor performance while initially dealing with Covid vaccination.

On Tuesday, in an interview with NDTV, he took a stand in the matter wherein a weekly magazine Panchjanya (an RSS affiliate) shot

down for its inability to deal with the glitches that persist on the Income Tax Portal.

Raghuram Rajan called it ‘completely unproductive’ and went on to ask if one would accuse the government of being anti-national for not doing a fair job on vaccines initially. “People do mistakes,” added the former RBI governor citing the example of the rusty rollout of the goods and services tax (GST).

“I don’t think the GST rollout has been spectacular. It could have been done better- but learn from those mistakes and don’t use it as a club to roll out your own prejudices,” he said in the same conversation with NDTV.

Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman ‘summoned’ Infosys CEO, last month’, over the unresolved tech issues the Income Tax Portal managed by Infosys has been witnessing.

The magazine affiliated to RSS doubted the intentions of the company as it published that it was making errors again and again. It added that there are allegations that the company is deliberately trying to destabilize the Indian economy.

Commerce and Industry Minister, Piyush Goyal, too recently faced heat because of his criticism of the Tata group over the e-commerce policy.

Criticism of private firms has been referred to as ‘harassment’ of businesses and risks. Companies are frightened to get into trouble with the government.

Mohandas Pai, former director at Infosys, recently exclaimed in a conversation with the Swarajya magazine that both government and the IT giant are responsible for the Income Tax Website chaos.

He pointed out that the ‘gap between ability and expectations on both sides’ is to be blamed for the fiasco.

In the interview with NDTV, former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan shared his views on other subjects as well.

He noted that a ‘rebound’ in India’s Factory Output mustn’t be misread as the low base from the last year on the basis of which numbers are calculated can present a skewed image of the economic recovery.

Meanwhile, he talked about how India is too big to exclusively be run from just from the Centre. “And that too not just from the Centre but from the ‘Centre within the Centre’. This kind of over-centralisation holds us back,” said Raghuram Rajan.

He believed that delayed decisions are suggesting that the government is overwhelmed. He used the term ‘paralysis’ to explain how people are seeking guidance from the Centre but aren’t getting any.

He speculated that despite rising revenues, the government hasn’t been spending, potentially to maintain credit ratings. Even though the credit rating agencies themselves recommend spending in areas vital.

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